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Three-Tiered Planning Process

 Comprehensive Plan  5 years and beyond
 Stategic Plan  3 to 5 years
 Tactical Plan  present to 2 years

Taken together, the three tiers combine to form Valley's formal planning system. All three tiers must coordinate and the Tactical Plan must be reflected in the city's annual budget. This process keeps Valley focused, not only on the present, but on the future where Valley's citizens want to go. 

The Comprehensive Plan is the basis for city zoning and represents the overall direction the city has decided to pursue. This level of planning is broad and based upon citizen input, the city's history, and the city's natural resources such as the Chattahoochee River. The city's location along I-85 also plays a key role in what citizens expect of their future.

The Strategic Plan is more specific and is available in writing. Councl Advisory Committees are assigned to be responsible for all the objectives and areas of interest within the Strategic Plan. It covers such areas as education, economic development, and social and recreational needs. This level of planning uses the Comprehensive Plan to create more detailed plans designed to define how Valley will reach its long term goals.

The Tactical Plan is the guide for accomplishing the objectives within the Strategic Plan, but it operates from the present time out to about two years. This most detailed plan addresses the daily plans for the city while recognizing and adjusting for the challenges of the day. It also provides a basis for the annual budget to make sure budgeted funds are spent in the appropriate places to move the city forward according to her plans.

The planning system is currently being developed. Citizens are invited and encouraged to take part in this exciting process.