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Point University students help with Langdale Mill Project

User: webmaster
Date: 4/5/2012 7:39 am
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On Tuesday, April 3rd, as part of Point University's Spring Ministry Day, students, faculty, and staff from  drove down from Atlanta, GA for a day of community service in the Greater Valley Area. Some of PU's top football players worked on the Langdale Mill Redevelopment Project. The students helped in the ARC funded project that is deconstructing 5 non-historic warehouses on the mill property by moving the contents of Warehouses 3 and 4 to another warehouse that is being used to hold materials that are being salvage from the project.

Warehouses 1 and 2 have been completley removed and the lumber is being processed, bundled and stored. Once this process is finished and the contents of warehouses 3-5 has been removed, deconstruction work will begin on these 3 remaining warehouses.

Below are photos of the Point University student athletes at work and with head women's basketball coach Mandy Cook, head volleyball coach Lora Sarich, Valley City Clerk Martha Cato, and Councilman Jim Jones.

Tuesday was Point University's Spring Ministry Day, a day of community service involving all Point University students, faculty and staff. No classes took place between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and the students, faculty and staff went out into the community in a spirit of giving back. Some of them went out near the East Point campus and four vanloads of them took the trip down I-85 to some of Point's top football players offered a helping hand in the continuing cleanup effort at Langdale Mill. Two Point University coaches joined a large group of athletes in handling some volunteer chores at Langdale Mill on Tuesday. Their Ministry Day project involved sorting lumber and cleaning property around some old warehouses that were recently deconstructed. Shown above, in front from left, are Mandy Cook, head

women's basketball coach; Kendall Gunn of Miami, Fla.; Valley City Clerk Martha Cato; Guillermo Rosales, Miami; Dominic Freeman, San Diego, Calif.; Margo Reed, Mobile, Ala.; Kelsei Brown, Eustus, Fla., and Lora Sarich, head volleyball coach. On Row 2, l-r, are Tori Wooley, Atlanta; Alton Price, Tallahassee, Fla.; Devon Thames, Macon, Ga.; Larrell Childress, Atlanta; Anthony Armstrong, Decatur, Ga., and Valley Council Member Jim Jones. (Photo by Wayne Clark)